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Our Hospital Management System

Gone are the days when data collection and storage have their final resting point in physical files and cabinets, unfortunately, many still live those days, hence, still suffer the setbacks that faded with those times. Data cannot afford to be mismanaged if a business must keep running, this is why data is stored and not destroyed without adequate backup.

So many have migrated from physical data storage to digital which happens to be the future we are living in while some still operate both physical and digital data storage system.

No doubt, accessing patient’s data should be fast and easier and those data need to be well stored and accessible at any time. Data is accessible via system based devices like the desktop computers, laptops, tablets and any smartphone using Hospital Buro.

Hospital Buro was developed to help better daily routines-task of a hospital, covering proper documentation and relationship with data, reduce statistical imbalance, and permit easy and quick access to data amongst others. Our primary objective is to provide you a comprehensive virtual management system that is fast, accurate and makes your work a lot easier.

Hardware Requirements:

Items Descriptions Priority
One or more computer sets Minimum required work station for administrative operation. High
Camera Camera required for patients and staff passport photograph collection and photographic documentation. Medium
Internet Connection Internet connection needed for real-time operation. High
Regular Printer & Scanner For printing out and scanning in documents and reports. Medium
POS Reciept Printer For printing out receipts. Medium